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A Medama Solution

The Medama Floor care program is a fully integrated floor care program for practically
any type of floor in the current market place, that is designed to produce a finished
product to the customer that will include clean, beautiful shiny floors and at the same
time reduce the amount of labor needed to achieve optimal results; while also improving
on efficiency and room turnover times.

Medama floor care will accomplish all of the above while reducing disruptions to staff,
nursing and patients.

The secret to our Medama floor care program is its ability to do the following:

  • – cut down on strip cycles –
  • – the extension of in between burnishing cycles –
  • – reduce the need to deep scrub high traffic areas –
  • – eliminate alcohol damage(purell) –
  • – reduce scratches and scuffs –
  • – reduction of dust –
  • – eliminate the need for multiple coats and frequent recoating –
  • – simplification of floor care program –
  • – less FTE hours to maintain and restore floors –
  • – alcohol resistant coating –
  • – Reduce stripping by eighty percent –
  • – Remove dirt through four coats of finish without removing finish –
  • – Decrease slips and falls –
  • – All of the above and more while leaving a beautiful shine behind –
  • – Eliminate use of multiple cleaning chemicals. –
  • – Reduce labor and Maintenance. –

Medama floor care is a complete installation, maintenance and repair floor care system.

Floor Care Systems

All of our floor systems involve the latest advances in floor coatings. Our fast drying, low odor, alcohol resistant, high reflection/shine coating systems are designed for all types of flooring. Our super aggressive, environmentally friendly, low odor strippers can remove polyurethane, mastic glue and even paints from all types of surfaces.We can even permanently eliminate the need to strip or wax ever again. Let one of our consultants visit to customize a floor program that will fit your needs.

Medama Cleaning Systems

Medama Super Shield Sell Sheet
Medama Super Shield Safety Data Sheet
Medama T&G cleaner/stripper Sell Sheet
Medama T&G cleaner/stripper Safety Data Sheet
Medama Stainless Steel Cleaner Safety Data Sheet

Floor Finish Program:

Medama Iron Coat Sell Sheet
Medama Iron Coat Safety Data Sheet (A)
Medama Iron Coat Safety Data Sheet (B)
Medama GenX Nano Finish Sell Sheet
Medama GenX Nano Finish Safety Data Sheet
Medama Colorant Sell Sheet
Medama Grip Sell Sheet
Medama Grip Safety Data Sheet
Medama Iron Coat PR Sell Sheet
Medama Iron Coat PR - Part A Safety Data Sheet
Medama Iron Coat PR - Part B Safety Data Sheet
Medama SSR Sell Sheet
Medama SSR Safety Data Sheet
Medama LVT Floor Protector Sell Sheet
Medama LVT Floor Protectorr Safety Data Sheet

Stripping and Coating Removal Systems:

Medama Power Strip Sell Sheet
Medama Power Strip Safety Data Sheet
Medama T&G cleaner and stripper Sell Sheet
Medama T&G cleaner and stripper Safety Data Sheet
Medama Pre Finish Sell Sheet
Medama Pre Finish Safety Data Sheet
Medama GenX Stripper Sell Sheet
Medama GenX Stripper Safety Data Sheet
Medama TiO2 Powder Sell Sheet
Medama TiO2 Powder Safety Data Sheet

Medama Stone and Terrazzo Polishing Systems:

Medama Super Shield Sell Sheet
Medama 8500 pads
Medama 1800 pads
Medama 220 pads
Medama T&G cleaner/stripper Sell Sheet

Medama Dust Control

Medama Dust Release Sell Sheet
Medama Dust Remover Prep Sell Sheet

Safety Products

Medama Bramp Ramp Sell Sheet

Medama Super Shield Instructions

Infection Control

Envirox H202:

The only safe, environmentally friendly, concentrated cleaning solution on the market that is an EPA approved sanitizer, virucide and fungicide that replaces ninety-five percent of your cleaning chemicals.

Sell Sheet
White Paper
Safety Data Sheet
Visit Website

Husky 815 HCD Disinfectant:

EPA-approved hydrogen-peroxide based disinfectant effective against Clostridium difficile (C. diff) spores.

Sell Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Visit Website

Annihilyzer infection Control System:

Program to combat Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), including those caused by Cdif spores

Visit Webite

Vapore Dry Vapor:

This system is not only safe and environmentally friendly for all kinds of cleaning and disinfecting (including cdiff spores) ,but can also be used for special projects such as eliminating bed bugs, cleaning tight areas such as elevator tracks, restoring bathroom grout and cleaning of rolling stock. Approved to kill Clostridium difficile (C. diff).

Vapore 3000
Vapore 2950
Vapore 2800

Buckeye Dispensing System with 256 Germicidal Detergent and Deodorizer:

Unique dispensing system that prevents sabotage and misuse.

Visit Website

TTB516 Compact Auto-Scrubber:

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Mopping System

Medama Mopping System:

The most advanced ultra-microfiber system on the market. Adopted by one of the top health care systems in the country, you will reduce your carbon footprint while significantly cutting your use of chemicals. Your corners and edges will never look the same after incorporating this unique system into your environmental floor care program.

Hand Hygiene

Medama Soaps:

A high-quality product line with attractive free dispensers (hands-free also available). A far more superior product than most brand name products on the market that will improve hand hygiene and infection rates without breaking the bank.

Antibacterial Soap Safety Data Sheet
Waterless Hand Sanitizer Safety Data Sheet
Blue Foam Hand Wash Safety Data Sheet
Hand, Hair, Body Wash Foam Safety Data Sheet
Pink Soap Safety Data Sheet
Foaming Hand Sanitizer Safety Data Sheet

Medama Floor Equipment

General Cleaning Equipment

NaceCare Visit Website
Minuteman Visit Website
IPC Eagle Visit Website

Specialty products

Medama Excentr Hypro System Visit Website
Medama Excentr Hypro XL Sell Sheet
Medama Excentr Hypro M+ Sell Sheet
Host Visit Website

Medama Escalator Cleaning Systems

Speciality Products

Juma Escalator Cleaning Machine Visit Website
Duplex Escalator Cleaning Machine Visit Website

Odor Control Solutions & Cleaner

Allow our technical specialists to install, refill and maintain your deodorizing systems. We have proprietary systems to tackle the worst odor conditions in the industry.

Medama Jackpot Super Deodorizer Cleaner

Sell Sheet

Medama Titanium Dioxide based All-Purpose Cleaner

Sell Sheet

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